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The Perfect Love Story-but what fate!!

please follow the link and read the most heart breaking story of a couple and their perfect love

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The other man of my life!!

It was two a.m at night. I was drained after the role play of Superwoman and finally, he had exhausted himself to sleep. He looked so calm, with an innocent smile on his face. Like he was practicing deep soulful yogic meditation. But who could have imagined how breathless and spent he had got me… Continue reading The other man of my life!!

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Jealousy-the funny side

Jealousy as in the Thesaurus is defined as a sensation mostly negative, when we observe that something dear to us is being shared or tried taking possession of by another to whom it doesn’t belong. Unlike other emotions, I believe jealousy is one of those rare emotions that one encounters at the earliest of ages.… Continue reading Jealousy-the funny side